7 Golden Rules of Social Media

According to the State of social, 85% of businesses are using social media. But 58% of business (with over 1 billion active monthly users) are still trying to figure out how to drive traffic to their website and generate leads. There are many reasons why social media can be confusing and hard to keep up with.

The best social media goal to have and keep in mind when wondering what you should post is:

1. Building credibility Do my posts present professionally and would my potential customer feel safe to choose my company over the competitor? Would my potential customers trust my business to deliver what I promise? Think about how you can show (not by telling) your audience that you are an established and reputable business.

2. Actively increasing customer loyalty When a customer interacts with your posts (by liking, commenting or sharing) you are successfully engaging and building a relationship which will increase customer loyalty and referrals.

3. Removing Barriers Social media is a great way to gently remind your customers you are still there. Let’s make sure that we’re not coming across as “salesy” and more “social” which allows us to break down that buying barrier.

4. Keeping top of mind Ah. There it is! We all know that repetition causes us to remember - and when your potential customer needs you, you’d like to think your business pops into their mind first.

5. Brand Awareness Brand awareness is the new ‘marketing’ concept of 2017 and one of the top performing reasons why businesses engage in social media. Get. Your. Brand. Out. There!

6. Being relatable (and human!) Choose your target audience and adapt your page and presence around what they want and like. This includes the voice, colour, messages and topics covered on your page. If your potential customers can relate to you, they are more likely to buy from you too! It doesn’t hurt to show the real you through pictures and posts that are more social than business too.

7. Evoking emotion Are you posting something that makes it hard not to press that like button? Stirring emotions means you’re connecting and it is the way you make your customers feel that counts.

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